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Martin Jezy02 November 2023

The outsourcing of logistics can yield a number of advantages for your cosmetics company, from cost savings and improved efficiency to a greater global reach and enhanced supply chain management. As an e-commerce company, taking advantage of fulfilment services will help you to minimise the effort dedicated to logistics and to focus on what you can do best - i.e. sell high-quality beauty products.

Here we explain the importance of the beauty industry in e-commerce and what the unique aspects of cosmetics logistics are.

Not only that, but we also show how your beauty store can take full advantage of professional fulfilment services.

  • Beauty and cosmetics - a booming e-commerce market
  • The key aspects of fulfilment services for cosmetic products!
  • Fulfilment services for cosmetics products: a summary of the advantages

Beauty and cosmetics - a booming e-commerce market

The beauty and cosmetics industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets worldwide. Furthermore, the sector is also of huge importance in Europe.

An ever-increasing number of customers are buying their cosmetics products online and the number of e-commerce platforms specialising in cosmetics products is growing accordingly. The pandemic accentuated this trend still further, as many people discovered beauty outlets online when physical shops were closed.

A few figures will serve to illustrate the magnitude of the cosmetics industry in Europe. According to a study by Euromonitor, sales in 2020 in Western Europe alone stood at around EUR 88 billion. And Germany is the largest market in Europe with sales of EUR 19.5 billion.

The omnipresence of social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok also benefits beauty companies. Care and beauty products are ideal when it comes to their promotion by influencers and celebrities, who effectively encourage their followers to make purchases. Beauty product manufacturers are also increasingly making direct use of social media to market their products and reach their target groups.

Various studies show that online sales of beauty and cosmetics products grew by 11% in Europe between 2019 and 2020, with the German market among the largest in terms of online sales of such products.

The key aspects of fulfilment services for beauty products

Cosmetics products consist of high-quality materials and often of sensitive, organic substances. They therefore require careful logistical handling. Professional fulfilment service providers such as Quivo are geared to meet the special requirements of cosmetic products.

The following aspects are key when it comes to fulfilment services for beauty and cosmetic products:

  • Cool and secure storage:

Beauty products need to be stored in a suitable environment to maintain quality and ensure their stability. The storage temperature and humidity must be appropriate to product type. Some products, for example, must be kept cool, while others need to be protected from direct sunlight. A fulfilment centre that stores beauty products takes care of these aspects.  

  • Stable packaging:

The packaging of beauty products must be secure and stable to prevent the products being damaged in transit. At the same time, packaging must be aesthetically appealing in keeping with the brand image. With this in mind, it is best to deliver products in glass containers, i.e. ideally with external packaging, so that they remain in perfect condition during subsequent picking. 

  • Swift shipping:

Customers often order beauty and care products for urgent reasons and require the items as quickly as possible. So swift shipping is of crucial importance in this industry! Fulfilment providers wrap thousands of orders, or packages, per day - we guarantee same-day fulfilment, for example. All the related processes undertaken by such logistics companies are fast, automated and virtually error-free. So there is no need for you to worry about delays.

  • Perishability:

Some cosmetics products, especially those that contain organic or natural substances, can deteriorate or become less effective if they are not correctly stored. And it is equally important to ship these products quickly and in the right conditions. Fulfilment providers can meet both of these needs.

  • Returns: 

As many customers are very picky when it comes to cosmetic and beauty products, they are likely to send back products that fail to meet their expectations. Therefore it is crucial that fulfilment providers have effective returns processes to ease the burden on your beauty company. Fulfilment providers can accept, classify and further process all returns as agreed.

  • International shipping: 

If cosmetic products are shipped to other countries, it is often necessary to comply with special rules and requirements  in order to meet the applicable customs and import regulations. If you outsource your beauty logistics to a fulfilment provider, their experts possess the necessary know-how to ensure that deliveries to international destinations are also processed smoothly.

In addition, they offer an extensive network of shipping partners whose delivery costs are often more favourable.


As a cosmetics company it is important not just to offer high-quality products but also to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases. The outsourcing of logistics to fulfilment providers can come with numerous advantages, including:faster delivery, efficient problem-solving and greater customer loyalty.

Fulfilment services for cosmetics products: a summary of the advantages

In partnership with shipping partners, specialist fulfilment providers also offer your customers numerous benefits, such as real-time tracking and notifications of package arrival.

This transparency not only creates trust but also results in a positive customer experience, which in its turn has a positive impact on sales figures.

In addition, efficient fulfilment can help optimise business processes and reduce costs by automating inventory management, order processing and shipping logistics.

These particular aspects make the provision of fulfilment services for cosmetic and beauty products a challenging undertaking.

Through careful planning, automated processes and close cooperation with suppliers and shipping service providers, a fulfilment provider such as our company can assist with these daily challenges.



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