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Quivo is your forward-thinking fulfilment partner, efficiently handling all aspects of your e-commerce logistics 
with utmost flexibility, and growing seamlessly with your enterprise.

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Real time fulfilment

Manage everything, effortlessly

Real-time oversight with the Quivo Connector

Quivo presents an innovative fulfillment solution incorporating live monitoring capabilities, allowing you to supervise your business processes from any location, at any time, granting full command over your inventory.

Live order monitoring: Keep track of orders, incoming shipments, stock movements, and returns in real time. The Quivo Connector furnishes an immediate overview, facilitating prompt reactions to warehouse operations.

Say goodbye to overselling: With real-time inventory tracking, ensure seamless synchronization of your actual stock with your online store, irrespective of the number of sales channels utilized.


Link up effortlessly with more than 40 shop and ERP systems.

The Quivo Connector offers a free, speedy, and trustworthy integration service for your current online shop system, ensuring you can quickly access all its advantages—be it Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon FBM, or countless others!

Have specific needs? Utilizing our open API, the Quivo Connector can cater to unique requirements: You have the freedom to choose which information gets synchronized from your shop system, maintaining complete control over integration depth!

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Custom packaging


Explore personalized packaging where each package is tailored to your requirements, aiming to create a distinctive customer experience. You play an active role in designing how your packaging looks, leaving a lasting impact on your customers!

Interested in extras such as flyers, stickers, tissue paper, branded packaging, or even a ribbon on the packaging? Value neatly folded clothing? No problem—our team ensures every detail meets your specifications.

As we like to say: We deliver beyond mere packages.


Same Day Fulfilment Service 

Count on us to process every order received before 12 PM on the same day, providing a notable edge for your business and enriching customer satisfaction!

For varying order volumes, we can also arrange bespoke cut-off times in partnership with shipping services!

During peak periods and seasonal rushes, we flexibly adjust our processes to maintain smooth operations. Collaboratively, we forecast high-demand intervals to uphold superior quality and efficiency, even amidst peak times.

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Same Day Fulfilment


Returns Management with ABC Classification

Our advanced returns management, incorporating ABC categorization, results in an efficient and transparent returns process, significantly boosting customer satisfaction.

Live returns management: Monitor and oversee return statuses in real-time via the Quivo Connector, expediting returns processing and facilitating faster customer refunds.

Photographic documentation & check up: Every return is meticulously documented and evaluated with accompanying photos, ensuring a fair assessment. All data remains visible and traceable within the Connector at all times.

Tailored return procedures: Depending on the product type, we provide customized returns procedures, including specialized services such as clothing laundering and ironing, or conducting our own post-return tests and quality checks.


Multi-Carrier Check-Out Functionality 

With the Stellar Explorer or Fulfilled Legend Package, you gain access to Multi-Carrier Checkout. You have the freedom to select your preferred shipping service provider or allow your customers to make their choice. With the Rising Star Package, a carrier is automatically assigned to you.

Personalized shipping preferences: Utilizing the Quivo Connector, you can manually opt for shipping services and customize your shipping preferences based on parameters such as destination country, package weight, and preferred shipping method.

This grants you and your customers complete flexibility in selecting the shipping service and options, including expedited delivery.

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Discover the Benefits of Quivo's E-commerce Fulfillment Solution

Tracking & Monitoring

Experience immediate clarity on any fulfillment status at any time with real-time monitoring through the Connector.

40+ unique shop & ERP integrations

We offer seamless integration of over 40 unique shop and ERP systems at no extra cost, ensuring a quick and reliable connection with the Connector.

Advanced technology & Scalable solutions

Utilize our state-of-the-art, intuitive, cloud-based fulfillment software that synchronizes in real-time across all systems and markets.

Bundles & Mapping Features

The Connector's standard features include bundle options, mapping, and other complex processes, designed to streamline your operations.

24-Hour Order and Inventory Management

Achieve real-time e-commerce order fulfillment with automatic synchronization that keeps your stock updated constantly, ensuring no time is lost.

The best solution for your business. We've got it.

Same-day fulfillment

We guarantee that 100% of orders received on time are shipped on the same day.

LOT tracking and expiry date management

Our advanced technology meticulously tracks LOT numbers and expiry dates, ensuring you maintain a perfect overview and deliver only top-condition products to your customers.

Customised picking

Your e-commerce fulfillment demands precision: each package is customized according to your specifications, creating a unique customer experience.

Organic certified storage

For us, quality is a standard, not an option. Our organic certified, self-owned warehouses ensure responsible storage of your organic products.

Returns overview with classification

The returns overview provided by our Connector ensures transparency and serves as a targeted basis for decision-making.

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Multi-Carrier Checkout

Select your preferred delivery method. Our multi-carrier fulfillment offers the flexibility to choose the optimal shipping strategy for your needs.

Automated customs clearance

Forget customs worries. With the Connector, we automatically handle all customs procedures for you.

Real-time tracking

The Connector offers you and your customers automated real-time tracking, ensuring everyone is constantly informed.

Simple transport booking

Easily book shipments through the Quivo Connector and enjoy comprehensive 360° logistics effortlessly.

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Batch and serial number tracking

Effortlessly track batches and serial numbers directly within the Connector, providing the clarity necessary for efficient e-commerce fulfillment.

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Precise Order Fulfillment, Guaranteed


Fulfilment Accuracy


Same Day Fulfilment


Next Day Delivery


The Quivo Connector

The Quivo Connector

Your platform for fully automated logistics.

It seamlessly links your store to our warehouse, enabling instant dispatch. Effortlessly control your warehouse inventory with just a few clicks.

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Simplified logistics made for global expansion.




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