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Experience the future of order fulfillment.

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Meet Quivo, the ultimate partner for your e-commerce endeavors. Our cutting-edge connector app automates your logistics, offering real-time stock analytics from anywhere. Dive into the convenience of a technology-driven 3PL system that adapts and scales with your growth. Let's transform your order fulfillment together.

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Explore Quivo’s fulfilment solution hub and take your e-commerce to the next level:

Real-time fulfillment monitoring

Thanks to the QUIVO Connector, your order fulfillment becomes a transparent experience. Our system gives you instant visibility into the status of every fulfillment operation at any time.

Integration of 40+ online stores & ERP systems

Your company + our services are unbeatable. We integrate all of your existing systems quickly, reliably and at no additional cost with our Connector.

Cutting-Edge Technology & Scalable Software

Our intuitive, cloud-based software syncs in real-time between all your systems and markets. The connector is custom built by us and designed just for you.

Bundle and Mapping Features

Bundles and mapping are essential to you and to us. We redesign order fulfillment and master even complex processes with ease.

24/7 order management

Our e-commerce fulfillment technology operates in real-time. You can rest assured that your orders and inventory levels are always up to date.

The best solution for your case. Let’s find it together.

Same-day fulfilment

We ship 100% of orders that arrive on time on the same day.

LOT tracking and expiry date management

Our technology enables meticulous tracking of LOT numbers and expiry dates. You always keep a perfect overview and guarantee your customers only products in top condition.

Customised picking

Your e-commerce fulfilment deserves precision: every package is customised to your wishes - for a unique customer experience.

Organic certified storage

Quality is not an option, it's a standard. Our self-owned organic certified warehouses guarantee responsible storage of your organic products.

Returns overview incl. classification

The returns overview in our Connector offers transparency and provides a targeted basis for decision-making.

The best solution for your case. Let’s find it together.

Multi Carrier Check Out

Choose how you want to deliver. Our multi-carrier fulfilment gives you the freedom to choose the best shipping method for you.

Automated customs clearance

With the Connector you no longer need to worry about customs: We automatically take care of all customs formalities.

Real-time tracking

The Connector provides you and your customers with automated real-time tracking to keep you up to date.

Easy transport booking

Book shipments directly in the Quivo Connector and experience 360° logistics without detours.

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Batch and serial number tracking

Track batches and serial numbers seamlessly directly in the Connector, giving you the visibility you need for smooth e-commerce fulfilment.

The best solution for your case. Let’s find it together.


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Insights into the future of e-commerce fulfilment



Insights into the future of e-commerce fulfilment