Amazon peak season and the most important peak season days in e-commerce 2024

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Peak e-commerce season is the time of year when online businesses see a huge increase in orders and sales. And guess what? This year is no different! There are a few super important days you should mark in your calendar for your online store!

First of all: Amazon's peak season 2024! We reveal the most important days and dates in 2024 that are of great importance for your online store. We also give you practical tips on how you can optimally prepare your logistics for the peak season!

  • When does Peak Season 2024 take place?
    • Your Peak Season Calendar
  • What is the origin of the Peak Season days?
  • When is the Amazon Peak Season 2024?
    • What sets Amazon's Peak Season apart?
  • Insights and data about the peak season
  • The 10 best tips for seamless logistics during peak season
  • Additional resources to optimize your e-commerce logistics

When does Peak Season 2024 take place?

The peak season, which is the busiest time for both physical stores and online retailers, primarily takes place during the fall season, kicking off with Halloween and extending beyond Christmas.

You can find all the important dates for 2024 in our new Peak Season Calendar:

Let's take a look at the key dates that you shouldn't miss during the peak season in 2024:

  • Amazon Prime Days - Date varies (July 2024)
    A major shopping event exclusive to Amazon.
  • Back-to-school Season - Late August / Early September 2024
    A crucial period driving sales for numerous specialty retailers.
  • Halloween - October 31, 2024
    The first significant sales peak of the season.
  • Singles' Day - November 11, 2024
    The world's largest shopping event originating from China.
  • Black Friday - November 29, 2024
    A major peak, with strong sales on the days before and after.
    (learn more in our comprehensive Black Friday article)
  • Cyber Monday - December 2, 2024
    A day with sales almost as high as Black Friday.
  • St. Nicholas' Day - December 6, 2024
    In German-speaking countries, many customers utilize this day for Christmas shopping.
  • Green Monday - December 9, 2024
    A well-known shopping event driven by eBay.
  • Super Saturday - December 21, 2024
    An important day in the Christmas business, with massive sales.
  • Monday before Christmas - December 23, 2024
    Traditionally a high-sales day of the peak season
  • Shortly before Christmas - December 24, 2024
    A rush of last-minute Christmas shoppers.
  • Boxing Day - December 26, 2024
    A post-Christmas peak in English-speaking countries.

What is the origin of the Peak Season days?

The majority of shopping events and promotional days draw inspiration from traditional holidays, with Christmas being the most prominent gift-giving season. Additionally, holidays like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day have also gained significant traction as sales boosters, driven and extensively promoted by the industry.

A prime example of this phenomenon is Black Friday, which has transformed from a post-Thanksgiving shopping day into one of the largest global sales events.

Insights into the key sales events of the Peak Season 2024:

  • Amazon Prime Days - Date varies (2024):

The highly anticipated "Prime Day" extravaganza typically spans two days and is an exclusive shopping event for Amazon's valued customers. While the specific date for 2024 is yet to be confirmed, it traditionally takes place in July. During this time, Amazon showers its e-commerce platform with substantial discounts across a diverse range of products, captivating millions of eager shoppers.

Online retailers who sell their goods through Amazon also have the opportunity to participate in Prime Day, enabling them to witness a significant surge in their average sales figures!

  • Back-to-School Season - August/September 2024:

As the new school year kicks off, parents and students embark on a shopping spree for essentials like clothing, school supplies, backpacks, and electronic gadgets. This period holds immense significance for e-commerce, particularly in the realms of fashion, stationery, and electronics.


  • Halloween - October 31, 2024:

Halloween isn't just about costumes and decorations; it's also a time for indulging in treats, stocking up on party supplies, and getting hold of eerie accessories. Online retailers specializing in Halloween merchandise offer themed products at discounted prices, often weeks before the actual day arrives.


  • Singles' Day - November 11, 2024:

Having its roots in China, Singles' Day has transformed into a massive global sales phenomenon, largely propelled by companies like Alibaba. Originally conceived as a counter-celebration to Valentine's Day, this event encourages singles to indulge in self-care and pamper themselves. Online retailers across the world seize the opportunity by offering substantial discounts on this day to significantly amplify their sales figures.

  • It has become common to extend the peak period of the Singles' Day promotion to "Singles' Days" or “Singles' Week.”
  • Black Friday - November 29, 2024:

Black Friday, traditionally observed after the American Thanksgiving holiday, serves as the unofficial commencement of the Christmas shopping season. Originating in the United States, this retail extravaganza has now transcended borders and become a worldwide phenomenon.

Online retailers eagerly join the frenzy by presenting substantial discounts and exclusive deals on this day, aiming to entice customers and elevate their average sales figures.

Many companies now extend this marketing event to a "Black Week" or "Black Sale" that lasts for several days or even weeks. What many people don't know is that on Thursday, November 28, 2024, the traditional Thanksgiving holiday, retailers also offer significant discounts. 

Learn everything about Black Friday and Cyber Monday in our detailed article.


  • Cyber Monday - December 2, 2024:

Cyber Monday has the same background as Black Friday and takes place on the Monday following the Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday. Originally conceived as the online counterpart to Black Friday, this day focuses on online deals and bargains.

The two events now seamlessly blend together and offer similar large discounts for the same products. Here, too, many retailers extend the originally one-day peak period to a "Cyber Week."'

Find out everything about Cyber Monday and Black Friday in our detailed article.

  • St. Nicholas' Day - December 6, 2024:

Year after year, St. Nicholas' Day marks the first significant increase in sales during the Christmas season. Many customers in German-speaking countries traditionally use this day for their Christmas shopping, as many retailers start their Christmas promotions on St. Nicholas' Day.


  • Green Monday - December 9, 2024:

Green Monday is a promotional day coined by eBay, taking place on the second Monday in December. On this day, Christmas shopping typically reaches one of its peaks. Companies use this day for attractive offers, generating an additional boost in sales on average.

  • Super Saturday - December 21, 2024:

Super Saturday, colloquially referred to as Panic Saturday, takes the spotlight as the final Saturday before christmas. December 23 is characterized by a flurry of last-minute shopping, with customers readily delving deeper into their pockets than usual.

Online retailers seize the opportunity presented by this situation, offering exclusive last-minute promotions, including expedited shipping services, to ensure that every item finds its place beneath the tree in a timely manner.


  • Monday before Christmas - December 23, 2024:

The Monday before Christmas holds tremendous importance and revenue-generating potential in both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce realms during the festive season. As the peak period unfolds, many individuals suddenly realize the imminent holidays and embark on a mission to purchase gifts in a timely manner.

Capitalizing on this surge in demand, numerous companies entice customers with significant Christmas discounts, enticing them to make their purchases and spread holiday cheer.


  • Boxing Day - December 26, 2024:

Boxing Day is a public holiday in many English-speaking countries, including the UK, Canada, and Australia. On this day, most stores are open and offer numerous special deals online as well to reduce their Christmas inventory. Additionally, consumers use Boxing Day to exchange or redeem their Christmas gifts and vouchers.

When is the Amazon Peak Season 2024?

The "Amazon Peak Season" refers to the period of the year when the online retail giant Amazon records its highest sales volumes.

Here are all the dates for 2024:

  • The Amazon Peak Season typically begins in October and extends until the end of December. 

    For the year 2024, it is expected to start in October and include key sales days such as Black Friday (29th November 2024) and Cyber Monday (2nd December 2024). Additionally, the days around Christmas and New Year also count as part of Amazon's Peak Season.


What sets Amazon's Peak Season apart?

  1. High Customer Demand: During the Peak Season, there is a significant increase in customer demand for products. This is partly due to special events such as Christmas, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. As the world's largest shopping platform, both Amazon and its sellers naturally benefit from this trend.
  2. Exclusive Offers and Discounts: Amazon uses this time to provide a variety of offers and discounts that attract customers and boost sales.

    The Catch: These offers are often exclusive to Amazon and its Prime members.

  3. Significance for Amazon Shops: For sellers on Amazon, the Peak Season is of crucial importance. It offers the chance to significantly increase their sales and acquire new customers. Sellers often plan months in advance to ensure they have sufficient stock.

If you are also represented as a seller on Amazon and want more flexibility and freedom in terms of logistics, write to us. We take care of the entire logistics process for numerous Amazon shops - fair, transparent, and individualized.

Insights and sales data about the peak season:

Overall e-commerce trade:

  • In the United States, total retail sales during the Christmas season in 2020 reached $790 billion.
    • Of which a whopping $209 billion came from the e-commerce sector.
  • In Germany, the total online retail turnover in 2022 amounted to €85 billion.
    • With approximately €21 billion generated during the Christmas season alone!

Peak Season business:

  • 90% of the best-selling days in e-commerce occur during the peak season.
  • E-commerce sales in the UK increased by 50% during the peak season in October, November, and December 2021 compared to total sales in September.
  • 40% of the total order volume in 2020 came from the fourth quarter, i.e., the peak season.
    • In turn, 35% of the total order volume was generated only in November and December
    • 34% of online shoppers in the US stated that they were very likely to shop online on Cyber Monday.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday:

  • Since 2020, Cyber Monday has been the most active day in global e-commerce, with nearly four times as many sales as an average day of the year.
  • Black Friday is the second most active day in e-commerce.
  • October 30, with the big Halloween sale, was the fourth most active day for online commerce
    • Interesting fact: Nearly 40% of all Halloween purchases are made online

Amazon Peak Season & E-commerce shops:

  • Major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, and Rakuten experienced a 110% increase in sales during Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 compared to average days of the year.
    • Smaller e-commerce shops also saw a similarly high average increase in sales of 104% during the same period.

The 10 best tips for seamless logistics during peak season

1. Demand analysis and forecasting:

Accurate analysis of demand plays a pivotal role in effectively managing the upcoming Peak Season of 2024. Take the time to review your historical sales data and trends to create an informed forecast of the expected demand. This will enable you to strategically plan your inventory, allocate staffing resources, and ensure sufficient transportation capacity.

If you are partnered with a fulfillment provider like Quivo, it is crucial to share your forecasts with them to prevent unexpected bottlenecks or delays in the logistics process!

2. Optimize warehouse management:

Efficient warehouse management is essential to avoid bottlenecks and ensure seamless logistics operations. Make use of cutting-edge logistics software, such as our Connector, to effectively track inventory, streamline processes, manage orders, and access real-time stock information.

3. Mitigate supply chain bottlenecks:

Thoroughly assess your entire supply chain, identifying potential bottlenecks, and devise a plan to mitigate their impact. It is crucial to have contingency plans in place to address any potential failures, especially during the critical Peak Season period.

Additionally, keep in mind that shipping service providers often apply Peak Season surcharges during November and December. Hence, shipping packages during this period may incur slightly higher costs than usual.

4. Process automation:

Automating logistics processes can significantly improve efficiency. With the logistics software of a fulfilment provider like us, you can automate inventory tracking, order processing, and shipping label generation. This not only saves time but also minimizes errors during peak periods, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

5. Train and support employees:

Train your employees well in advance of the peak season to ensure they are familiar with all processes and not overwhelmed by the flood of orders. If you need additional staff for Peak Season 2024, start looking for them in advance, as it may take some time to find and train seasonal workers.

6. Monitoring and real-time tracking:

Monitor your logistics operations in real-time to identify and address potential issues early on. Use technologies like GPS tracking to track the location of deliveries and inform customers about the status of their orders. This creates transparency and enables quick responses to delays or other problems.

7. Implement just-in-time (JIT) principles:

During the Peak Season, it may be beneficial to apply the Just-in-Time principle. Order goods from suppliers to arrive shortly before their actual need. This reduces inventory levels and minimizes the risk of excess stock or shortages.

8. Outsource your logistics:

When demand increases significantly during Peak Season 2024, you may realize how demanding logistics operations can be. Consider outsourcing at least parts of your logistics to a professional fulfillment company like us, which takes care of your orders in a fully automated manner. 

This frees up resources for you to focus on growing your online shop!

  • Find out if outsourcing logistics makes also financial sense for you in this article.

9. Continuous process optimization:

Regardless of whether it's the Peak Season or not, continuous optimization of your logistical processes is crucial.

Regularly analyze key metrics and costs, and try to optimize every step, from efficient warehouse management, packaging methods, communication with employees and customers, picking, to shipping and return processes. See what you can improve, accelerate, or eliminate to make your logistics as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

10. Flexibility and preparation:

The Peak Season is often characterized by unforeseen events and changes. Prepare as much as possible and strive to remain flexible and agile.

Have multiple alternative delivery options available in case certain routes are affected, create an emergency plan if stocks unexpectedly run low, and ensure you have an adequate reserve of packaging materials and other resources.

Additional resources to optimize your e-commerce logistics:

The peak season sales won't wait. Prepare yourself as best as possible and learn how you can improve in the future!

Here are more helpful tips from our fulfilment experts on how to optimize both your logistics and online shop for success:


If you have any questions about the peak season or if you are considering outsourcing your logistics, we are always here to assist you!

Feel free to contact us for more information, without any obligation!


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