Black Friday 2023: The most useful tips for the logistics and websites of your online shop

Martin Jezy18 October 202313 min

For online shops and consumers around the world the most important time of the year is just around the corner: Black Friday 2023! 

We focus in this guide on the important e-commerce period of Black Friday and Cyber Monday immediately thereafter. You can find out all about the topic of Black Friday here including what you need to look out for and how best to prepare your logistics.

  • What is Black Friday?
  • When is Black Friday 2023?
  • How great are the sales generated on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday are protected terms
  • How to prepare your logistics for Black Friday
  • How to prepare your online shop for Black Friday
  • Black Friday website & online shop tips
  • Black Friday tips on marketing & sales

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is basically a promotional activity that originated in the USA. It takes place every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. A popular holiday in the USA, it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

Many people take time off work for this traditional family celebration and spend the weekend together. The Black Friday sale has now become established as a central element of these festivities, with the retail sector and e-commerce tempting consumers with discounts and special offers.

Black Friday has long since found its way everywhere. Numerous companies have jumped on the bandwagon and record huge sales during this time.

The marketing campaign for Cyber Monday, which always takes place on the Monday following Black Friday, is also very important. Many retailers even offer discounts for more than a week. So concepts such as Black Week and Cyber Week are also very common.


When is Black Friday 2023?

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday dates 2023:

  • Black Friday - 24 Nov 2023

Big sales spike - sales on days before and after are just as strong.

  • Cyber Monday - 27 Nov 2023

Almost as big sales as Black Friday. Depending on the retailer, Cyber Week or Black Week usually falls in the corresponding week of the promotion day. However, the exact period often differs.

How great are the sales generated on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Generally, more e-commerce sales are made on Black Friday, but Cyber Monday keeps pace - in some places it even trumps Black Friday in terms of online sales: the sales figures for both days are definitely impressive.

There are no uniform evaluations of the worldwide Black Friday sales figures for 2022 yet, but most statistics show an increase compared to the previous year. 

The forecasts for 2023 are not yet foreseeable, but will most likely continue to rise or remain at similarly high sales peaks!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are protected terms

  • Did you know that the terms Black Friday and Cyber Monday are registered trademarks in many countries? If you wish to advertise with the term in another state, first find out the current state of play with regard to the legal situation. 
  • For example: Without authorisation from the “Black Friday GmbH” Company  you are not permitted to advertise with this precise combination of words in Germany or you risk significant fines. This is why there are so many circumlocutions - such as Black Week, Cyber Day and Black Sale.

In Germany f.e. several cancellation requests have been filed against the trademark registration - with a degree of success. However, the legal situation has still not been entirely clarified. In Austria, however, you are free to advertise with Black Friday and Cyber Monday! The Austrian patent office rejected the company's application to register an international trademark. If you wish to advertise with the term in another state, first find out the current state of play with regard to the legal situation. 

In any event, you can prevent warnings with a few simple tricks and still jump aboard the Black Friday bandwagon.

  • Be sure to avoid explicit buzz terms such as “Black Friday Offer” or “Cyber Monday Sale” which contain the protected word combinations of Black and Friday and Cyber and Monday. Otherwise you can give free rein to your imagination, or use one of the many existing synonyms that are not protected. Customers surf the internet anyway on Black Friday and expect a discount from every shop. What you call it exactly is relatively immaterial.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Cyber Week, Black Week, Black Day, Black Monday, Cyber Friday, Black Sale, Cyber Sale, Monday Deals, Friday Deals, Cyber Deals, Bargain Week, Bargain Friday, Discount Week, etc.

Naturally you are free to apply for a licence to use the brands - for example in Germany, you can do this online at​​​​​​​.

How to prepare your logistics for Black Friday

  • Prepare and fill warehouses

    You should fill your warehouse in good time to reflect the sales you expect to achieve on Black Friday. Compare the previous Black Friday promotion days and try to draw up a realistic forecast. Also bear in mind your planned marketing activities this year.

    Based on this information you should then fill your warehouse with all the required products. It's best if you also factor in a certain buffer! There's nothing more annoying than losing out on sales because of sold-out stock.
  • Clarify required warehousing space

    You should also clarify the required space for the storage of your product palettes with your logistics specialist. Here flexible fulfilment providers such as Quivo are especially suitable because you always only pay for the area that you are using. This means you don’t have to pay for empty storage areas that you only require during black friday.
  • Discuss shipping with fulfilment providers

    The same rules apply on Black Friday as on any other day of the year: Even though they are getting good deals, customers do not want to wait long for their products or your online shop will get a bad reputation, which may result in you receiving negative reviews. As a result, customers probably won’t buy from you again.

    If a fulfilment provider is packing and shipping your products, you should inform them of the expected volume of packages on Black Friday. Your logistics specialist can then prepare as well as possible to ensure smooth shipping during black friday.
  • Make returns as simple as possible.

    During black friday there is usually a sharp rise in returns. One reason for this is that there is also a huge rise in orders on Black Friday. Another is that customers are too quickly tempted to make purchases by the numerous fantastic offers and subsequently reconsider their decisions.

    You cannot prevent returns. So make it as easy as possible for your customers to return their orders. For example, have a return form ready to print online and clearly communicate how your customers can return their Black Friday products. In this way you provide a feeling of security and strengthen your brand and customer loyalty.
  • Automate your logistics

    It goes without saying that you must always take your logistics into consideration. A great deal can happen very quickly on Black Friday in particular. So it’s important to always be up to date. Modern logistics software - such as our Connector - is now a professional necessity and provides you with an overview of all key data. Even if a fulfilment provider is taking care of the shipping of your packages, you always have things under control.

How are my orders doing? How many open, incomplete or completed orders are there at the moment? Are there delays? Do I need to intervene somewhere?

Having an overview of all these things is crucial for a hitch-free Black Friday sale!


Our self-developed logistics management tool, the Connector, offers you all of these key features on a clear dashboard and much more besides.

  • You can, for example, ensure that you are automatically notified when the stock of a product falls beneath a certain level.
  • Ongoing synchronisation of all key data between your online shop and the Connector.
  • Real-time tracking of your orders and clear display of all returns.
  • Direct and fast communication with customer service via the Connector. Lengthy emails and telephone calls are a thing of the past.


And that was just a small overview. Write to us and convince yourself.

How to prepare your online shop for Black Friday

A technically perfect website is of course essential for maximising sales on Black Friday.

Even if your offer is so good that customers are prepared to buy from you despite a protracted or frustrating order process - you will not gain regular customers. If in addition you are also spending money on Black Friday advertising, you are squandering a huge amount of potential and throwing money out of the window.

Black Friday website & technology tips

Carefully check through your entire website and consider what you can improve in terms of technology, and which processes you can optimise. 

  • How long does it take for your website to load, in particular on mobile devices?

    Customers on mobile phones are quick to jump off if a page takes too long to load.
  • Is your online shop clearly structured? Is there a search bar? Are the products that you wish to sell on Black Friday prominently presented? Have you considered a distinct Black Friday category?

    Customers tend to jump off if they cannot immediately find what they are looking for.
  • Is the order process transparent? That is: Are the payment and shipping options apparent at a glance and is it clear how long shipping on Black Friday will take and how much it costs?

    Give your customers the choice! Ensure that you offer several payment methods and order options and communicate these clearly.  The more you cover, the better. Because everyone has different ideas and wishes when it comes to orders.

Black Friday tips on marketing and sales

Preparation is everything. In advertising even more so than elsewhere! Plan your promotional activities in good time and ensure that all campaigns are prepared in a targeted fashion. Because the competition isn’t sleeping. The Black Friday competition for consumers starts earlier every year. Many companies start advertising for Black Friday as early as the start of November - most notably Amazon. And they must have identified an added value in doing so.

But you don’t need an infinite budget to advertise effectively. There is always something that you can do. 

The following marketing tips will help you to attract the attention of more customers to your online shop:

  • Less is more. In particular when you have a small advertising budget you should focus on publicising a handful of products and not spread yourself too thin. Consider which of your products are the most popular and combine them with those that yield a good margin - when all is said and done, it's about profit, not just sales.

    Evaluate your previous Black Friday promotion days and scour the internet to see what your competition has planned for Black Friday. These are always clear indicators for the possible direction ahead.

    Limit yourself to a few highlights and promote these products on all of your advertising channels. Perhaps you have a drawcard that you can rely on and two more promising top-sellers? Great! Are you advertising with a unique ad in which you guarantee a 10% discount on all of your products? Sounds good!
  • Also consider whether you can combine products in special Black Friday bundles. In this way you provide your customers with financial added value and ultimately gain yourself a better margin.
  • Just be careful not to overburden your customers with numerous top offers, making it hard for them to reach a decision. Keep your Black Friday sale as simple as possible.

Use all of your advertising channels before Black Friday and attract the attention of new as well as existing customers! This means using all sources available to you:

  • E-Mail Marketing:

    Use your existing e-mail lists and prepare your customers a week in advance for your offers with a special Black Friday newsletter. Directly before or on Black Friday itself you should then send out another specific newsletter with your offers.  You will then stand a better chance of being remembered and attracting the interest of your customers.

    If you don’t yet send out a newsletter it's high time that you did so! Use Black Friday 2023 to set up an email system and tempt customers with an extra discount for registering for the newsletter. Then you will fill your email lists in preparation for next year.
  • Social Media Marketing:

    Instagram, Facebook, etc. can be very useful for advertising for Black Friday. However, you should take care with social media! Don’t exaggerate and don’t spam your audience with numerous Black Friday postings. Depending on how you generally use a channel, people follow you for numerous reasons and not everyone is out for an offer.

    The same applies here as for newsletter advertising: Drawing attention to your Black Friday specials two or three times is more than sufficient. And use stories too!
  • Performance Marketing:

    Paid advertising can really boost your sales too. There’s a good reason why it's the main income source for Google and Facebook. However, with a small budget it is often not effective enough to really reach a large target group. Moreover, it is also associated with expenditure and costs at professional level that you must also factor in.

    So only opt for paid advertising if you can come up with a decent budget for it. Nevertheless, it's certainly worth a try! You should use the services of a performance marketing agency or freelancers, who take care of your campaign. If effectively used, display advertising in particular can help make more customers aware of your Black Friday sale for a low cost.
  • Content Marketing:

    Write short blog articles about Black Friday, set up a subpage for your Black Friday sale and put plenty of related content there and update your online shop to reflect Black Friday. Colour your logo black if possible, start a visible countdown and make it clear to your customers that this is a special day - with unique offers!

    The more content your online shop associates with Black Friday, the more likely it is to be found by potential customers on Google.


Preparation is everything. With these Black Friday tips from our logistics experts you are paving the way for a successful end of the year.

Please feel free to contact us with no obligation if you require support with your logistics. 

We will rock black friday together!


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