We take care of your Shopify logistics, and you let your online store grow without limits!

We take care of your Shopify logistics, and you let your online store grow without limits!

  • Ready-to-go Shopify interface
  • Free webshop integration
  • Control everything in one innovative web app


Shopify Store Integration

We connect your Shopify to our system in a flash.


Import products

Upload the data of your products in the Quivo Connector.


Store and ship

We store your goods and ship them fully automatically.

Your innovative Shopify fulfillment solution


Seamless Shopify interface

With Shopify, you can simply create your own online store - with everything that goes with it - and sell your products professionally online.

Using our existing Shopify interface, you can smoothly connect your store to our Quivo connector and upload all data directly to the Connector web app.

Once we have stored your goods, you can manage all your Shopify logistics processes in the Connector.


Discover the future of Shopify Fulfillment

When an order comes in, it is packed in one of our fulfillment centers and shipped to your customers with a tracking link. Our large network of shipping partners and carriers will allow you to choose how your packages are shipped.

In the Quivo Connector you can always see the latest status and control everything directly via the logistics tool.

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Quivo makes it possible to perfectly integrate your Shopify store into the logistics world.

Your Shopify store is unique and has specific requirements - we know that! That's why we work closely with you to make sure the integration is optimized for your needs.

Our focus is to make your order fulfillment smooth and efficient.


With our Shopify Fulfillment, you can sit back and relax when it comes to logistics. As soon as customers place an order in your store, we seamlessly transfer it to us. Our team in the warehouse takes care of picking, packing and shipping your products. This way, you can concentrate fully on growing your e-commerce business.

Another great feature of our integration is the real-time monitoring of your stock levels. You receive automatic notifications as soon as a product is running low. This gives you enough time to order replenishments and reduce sell-outs. We make sure that your customers always get the products they want.

We also offer a wide range of shipping options to meet the needs of your customers. Whether it's express shipping for urgent orders or cheaper standard shipping options - we have the right solution for you!

Even returns are covered by our Shopify fulfillment service. If customers need to return a product, we take care of the entire returns process by arrangement, including the automated update of your stock levels in the Connector.

Our Shopify fulfillment service scales flexibly with your business. By outsourcing your logistics with us, you can save huge amounts of effort and costs for warehousing, personnel and shipping infrastructure. You only pay for the fulfillment services you actually use and can flexibly scale your logistics according to your business needs.


Shopify Pro

We integrate Shopify Stores regularly and handle thousands of orders every day.


Shopify API

Our revolutionary fulfilment software, the Quivo Connector, is optimally adapted to the Shopify API.


Weltweite Shopify Logistik

With our international fulfilment network, your Shopify store will conquer the world!
Our 8 own warehouse locations guarantee compliance with the highest standards.


Let your Shopify grow

Our flexibly scalable system allows you to scale efficiently without worrying about bottle necks or order fluctuations.

Ready to scale?

Raise your Shopify logistics to a new level.

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