We take care of your Amazon fulfillment so that your business can grow freely!

We take care of your Amazon fulfillment so that your business can grow freely!

  • Seamless Amazon interface
  • Free Amazon FBM integration
  • Control everything with our logistics tool


Amazon integration

We connect your Amazon Seller account directly to our system.


Import products

Upload the data of your products to the Quivo Connector.


Store and ship

We store your goods and ship them fully automatically.

Your flexible Amazon fulfilment solution


Amazon fulfillment partner

As an Amazon Seller, you can sell your products on the world's largest e-commerce platform and either let Amazon do the fulfillment themselves (FBA) or use your own fulfillment partner like Quivo (FBM).

As an Amazon FBM seller, you have greater flexibility and control over your product fulfillment, can operate as a multichannel merchant on multiple platforms, and can have greater overall profit margins. Outsource your Amazon business to Quivo and reap numerous benefits!


Amazon fulfillment made easy

Our seamless Amazon interface allows you to instantly connect your seller account to the Quivo Connector and easily upload your product data. We store your goods safely in one of our own fulfillment centers.

When an order arrives, it is automatically packed in the fulfillment center and immediately shipped to your customers with tracking - of course, we support Amazon Prime shipping and offer same-day fulfilment

This allows us to deliver national packages to your customers within 1-2 business days.

Discover all benefits of Amazon FBM with Quivo:


Amazon's FBM = "Fulfilment by Merchant" offers companies full control over their products and enables lower costs, direct customer contact and an improved margin. As your Amazon fulfilment partner, we take care of your Amazon logistics! You can count on our extensive expertise to ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Full flexibility

With Amazon FBM, you stay in control of your products by choosing the perfect fulfilment partner for your specific needs. We help you find the best solutions to ensure your products are always in top condition and retain your personal touch.

At Quivo, we have the expertise and experience in Amazon fulfilment. We take care of all aspects of your logistics, from warehouse management to delivery. You can sit back, relax and trust that we are Amazon professionals who understand your business and offer the best possible service.

With Amazon FBM, you have direct contact with your customers. We support you in responding quickly to questions and concerns and providing an outstanding customer experience. Through personalised service and effective customer loyalty, we strengthen your brand together and win returning customers.

Amazon FBM eliminates many fees and gives you more control over your cost structures. At Quivo, we help you to offer competitive prices and achieve a good profit margin at the same time. This is particularly important in a competitive market in which you want to hold your own.

Our Amazon FBM offers you the flexibility and scalability you need as an entrepreneur. We adapt to your needs and enable you to customise your inventory and offer your products on various marketplaces. Together we grow unhindered and support you in your success!


Unleash your potential

Sell across multiple platforms, maximise your sales and increase customer loyalty.


Amazon API

Our software allows you to seamlessly integrate your Amazon shop with all its functions.


Worldwide logistics

With our international fulfilment network, your Amazon online shop will conquer the world! Our 8 own warehouse locations guarantee compliance with the highest standards.


Let your shop grow

The Quivo Connector creates an environment in which you can grow in a completely flexible and scalable way.

Ready to scale?

Take your Amazon fulfilment to a new level.

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