We handle all your e-commerce logistics, enabling unrestricted growth for your Amazon business.

We handle all your e-commerce logistics, enabling unrestricted growth for your Amazon business.

  • Prepared Amazon interface for seamless integration
  • Amazon online shop integration
  • Manage everything conveniently in a single web application


Amazon integration

We establish a direct link between your Amazon Seller account and our system.


Import products

Upload your product data to the Quivo Connector.


Store and ship

Your goods are securely stored and automatically shipped.

Flexible Amazon Fulfillment


Expert Amazon Fulfillment

As an Amazon Seller, you have the opportunity to showcase your products on the largest e-commerce platform globally. You can opt for Amazon to handle the fulfillment (FBA) or leverage your own fulfillment partner such as Quivo (FBM).

Being an Amazon FBM seller offers you enhanced flexibility and control over your product fulfillment. You can operate as a multichannel merchant across various platforms, leading to potentially higher profit margins. Entrust your Amazon business to Quivo and unlock a host of advantages!


Efficient Amazon FBM Solutions

Our streamlined Amazon interface enables seamless connectivity between your seller account and the Quivo Connector, facilitating easy product data uploads. Your products are securely stored in our own logistics centers.

Upon order placement, our fulfillment center swiftly packs and ships items to your customers, complete with tracking. We support Amazon Prime shipping and provide same-day fulfillment, ensuring national deliveries reach your customers within 1-2 business days.

Explore the Advantages of Amazon FBM with us:


"Fulfillment by Merchant" empowers businesses with complete control over their products, leading to reduced costs, direct customer interaction, and enhanced profit margins. As your Amazon fulfillment partner, we handle all aspects of your Amazon logistics! Rely on our extensive expertise to ensure your customers' satisfaction.

Full control

With Amazon FBM, you retain control over your products by selecting the ideal fulfillment partner tailored to your specific requirements. We assist you in discovering optimal solutions to ensure your products consistently maintain their quality and reflect your unique touch.

At Quivo, we boast the expertise and proficiency in Amazon fulfillment. From warehouse management to delivery, we handle all aspects of your logistics. Sit back, relax, and trust in our Amazon professionals who comprehend your business needs and deliver top-notch service.

With Amazon FBM, you have direct access to your customers. We aid you in promptly addressing inquiries and resolving concerns, fostering an exceptional customer experience. Through personalized support and effective customer engagement, we collaborate to reinforce your brand and cultivate repeat business.

Amazon FBM eliminates many fees and gives you more control over your cost structures. At Quivo, we help you to offer competitive prices and achieve a good profit margin at the same time. This is particularly important in a competitive market in which you want to hold your own.

Our Amazon FBM offers you the flexibility and scalability you need as an entrepreneur. We adapt to your needs and enable you to customise your inventory and offer your products on various marketplaces. Together we grow unhindered and support you in your success!


Unleash your potential

Extend your presence across various platforms, increase sales, and cultivate customer loyalty.


Amazon API

Our software enables seamless integration of your Amazon shop with all its functionalities.


Worldwide logistics

Our 7 own warehouse locations guarantee compliance with the highest standards.


Let your shop grow

The Quivo Connector establishes an environment that allows you to grow in a fully flexible and scalable manner.

Ready to scale?

Take your Amazon Fulfillment to a new level.

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