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Martin Jezy16 October 2023

The logistics companies "LOGSTA" and "Ancla", which merged in 2022, are now operating under a new, joint name: "Quivo". They offer affordable all-in-one logistics from fast-growing start-ups to big players.

The logistics companies LOGSTA and Ancla, including the internal brand "PackAngels", will present their new face to the public on Tuesday under the joint brand "Quivo". The programme includes the introduction of the new brand and the launch of the new website. The release goes hand in hand with the completed post-merger integration of the three original brands.

"We've been going through the rebranding process internally for the last eight months - from strategic alignment to a new visual brand to naming," reveals Managing Director Georg Weiß, "now we're delivering the result." The rebranding is done against the background of making handling as well as business processing easier for customers and other stakeholders in the future.

"Connector" makes professional logistics affordable for small businesses

So far, Quivo has appeared as "Team Ancla", with the two brands LOGSTA and PackAngels in tow. While the German medium-sized company Ancla specialised in large order volumes and omnichannel companies, the Austrian start-up LOGSTA was able to make both shop connection and order processing quick and easy with its innovative technology - and thus also attractive for smaller and rapidly growing companies. This is made possible by the in-house developed software "Connector", which connects to all online shop systems and provides customers with their logistics activities in real time.

"It's as if the online retailers were running their own logistics centre," explains Weiß. The bottom line is that customers of all sizes with send-it-yourself, small e-commerce logistics, omnichannel and high-volume can access an even broader range of services.

Direct distribution to end customers

In total, Quivo operates eight locations worldwide and has 600 employees, including in Germany, Austria, France, the UK and the USA. "In addition to strong fulfilment software, we also offer full control over the processes because we operate all warehouses with our own staff," co-managing director Christoph Glatzl reveals the advantages of the new brand. "In addition, we cover everything around fulfilment for our customers: Warehousing, picking and packing, returns and much more," he adds. "This makes us the leading provider of all-in-one logistics and Europe's largest D2C fulfilment service provider," Glatzl emphasises.

The successful merger also attracted investors: the VC company Alstin Capital, led by Carsten Maschmeyer, invested around six million euros in the new company structure last year. Tengelmann and Round2 Capital are also on board as investors.


About Quivo

Quivo offers state-of-the-art logistics solutions for every company, regardless of size, as well as its own logistics tool - the "Connector", an innovative software for flexible easily scalable fulfilment processes. All areas of fulfilment, from storage to picking and packing to returns etc., can be covered. Around 600 employees at 8 locations on 50,000 m2 in Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain and the USA look after over 1,500 customers worldwide.


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