How a vision becomes reality: SooNice Sunnies & Quivo

Martin Jezy06 June 20248 min
Company profile
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Company profile

SooNice Sunnies is all about responsibly produced, child-friendly premium sunglasses.

The company has set itself the task of revolutionising the conventional idea of children's sunglasses.

SooNice Sunnies is all about responsibly produced, child-friendly premium sunglasses.

The company has set itself the task of revolutionising the conventional idea of children's sunglasses.

Key data
  • Lightweight & flexible, scratch-resistant lenses
  • 100% UV-A & UV-B protection, protective side shields
  • Made in Italy, sustainable material (ECONYL)
Partnership with Quivo
  • Same-day fulfilment in 99.8% of cases
  • International shipping D2C and B2B


SooNice Sunnies © Verena Schierl

This is SoNice Sunnies

In a world where protection and style need to go hand in hand, SooNice Sunnies has filled a niche perfectly. They are a pioneer in producing sunglasses for children and babies, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of young eyes.

Instead of scaled down adult models, they offer sunglasses designed specifically for the needs and safety of children and babies. With features such as 100% UV-A and UV-B protection, scratch-resistant lenses and innovative, removable temples, they set new standards in eye protection for children.

We at Quivo are more than proud to be part of this vision by providing the logistics and fulfilment for SooNice Sunnies. In this interview, we talk to Doris and Chris, the founders of SooNice Sunnies, about their mission, challenges and the role Quivo plays in their success story.

The insight at family dinner

The idea for SooNice Sunnies came about during a family dinner, recalls Chris, co-founder of SooNice Sunnies:

"We asked ourselves whether children actually needed sunglasses. We couldn't let go of the subject and started talking to eye specialists about it. This made us realise that children's eyes are particularly sensitive to UV radiation and need to be protected accordingly."

After intensive research, it became clear that there is indeed a need for specially made, safe children's sunglasses that are not just small adult models. It also became clear that many parents are not sufficiently aware of the dangers of UV rays.

“Children and babies have larger pupils than adults. This means that their highly sensitive retinal cells are more exposed to UV light. Similar to sunburn on the skin, the tissue and cells of the human eye can be severely damaged by UV light,” explains Doris, co-founder of the company.

Why the vision of safe children's sunglasses is so important:

Their eyes absorb 65% more sunlight than those of adults and are therefore particularly sensitive. SooNice Sunnies sunglasses therefore have category 3 lenses and, with their 100% UV-A & UV-B protection, are perfect for children's eyes. As they only allow 8-18% of light to pass through, they prevent UV rays from reaching children's eyes.

Doris: "What's more, children usually spend more time outdoors and are therefore exposed to UV radiation for longer. This makes it all the more important to provide adequate protection with high-quality sunglasses."

What's special about SooNice Sunnies

“In addition to the aforementioned 100% UV-A and UV-B protection, the glasses specially made for children have scratch-resistant lenses and specially designed side flaps to prevent stray light. The SooNice Children model also has removable temples that can be easily replaced if they come loose while playing or putting them on,” continues Doris.

“SooNice sunnies are also made locally in Italy from recycled nylon. This means that no new plastic is put into circulation and CO2 emissions are saved.”

The milestones on the way to smooth shipping

Environmental protection is a solvable challenge, explains SooNice Sunnies' Chris:

"As a supplier of products explicitly for children, it was important to us right from the start to produce in a resource-saving way. The choice fell on ECONYL®, recycled nylon, for the frames of our sunglasses. We also wanted to produce as regionally as possible to avoid transport routes and unnecessary CO2 emissions. Fortunately, our research paid off and we were able to win over a renowned producer in Italy for our idea, who also had the necessary expertise in processing ECONYL®."

Christina & Doris SooNice Sunnies founders

At SooNice Sunnies, we attach great importance to customer satisfaction. This includes ensuring that our customers receive their orders quickly and that our products are carefully packaged for national and international shipping.We are grateful to have found a competent and reliable partner in Quivo, who supports us in our mission to optimally protect children's sensitive eyes from UV radiation.

What were the key moments in your development... ?

“Oh, there are so many special moments!’ says Chris. 'Starting with the first direct order via our online shop through to our now largest optical partner in Austria sehen!wutscher. But also collaborations with other brands such as the children's bike brand woom, with whom we launched a limited edition in our first financial year. We are very grateful for the trust that our customers and partners have placed in us!"

… and what role does logistics play?

The challenge of manufacturing a high-quality product is complemented by the need to get this product to customers efficiently. This is where Quivo plays a crucial role:

With our very own fulfilment centres, rather than warehouses rented from other fulfilment providers, we can guarantee optimally tailored handling of our customers, as well as SooNice Sunnies. This quality, coupled with our automated speed, has a correspondingly positive effect on customer satisfaction. Our same-day fulfilment rate is 99.8% on average. 

“As our sunnies are premium products, we have to be able to rely on them being stored cleanly and professionally. Availability is also very important to us in terms of cooperation - in case we have any queries about an order. And, of course, a fair and transparent pricing model that allows us to calculate well,” says Chris, explaining the decision to choose us as their fulfilment provider.

The next step towards a sunny future

"We recently presented our first design collaboration with the award-winning and internationally successful designer Marina Hoermanseder. The collection was heavily advertised in advance and was picked up by the press several times. The order volume at the start of sales was correspondingly high. Here too, we were very happy to have Quivo as a partner to ensure that our customers received their orders as quickly as possible."

Our numerous own warehouses - which are located in the central interfaces of Europe - make it possible to reach every corner of Europe and beyond quickly, cost-effectively and effectively, without compromising on quality. Every order is processed immediately so that the little ones don't have to wait for their sunglasses. 98% of orders that reach us on time are delivered the very next working day.

The strong partnership with Quivo allows SooNice Sunnies to continue to focus on what they do best:

Ensuring that children around the world are protected by stylish, safe sunglasses.It also serves as a prime example of how two companies can create great value and make a positive difference by working together.