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Real time fulfilment


Real-time fulfilment with the Quivo Connector

Quivo offers an innovative fulfilment solution with real-time monitoring that allows you to monitor your business processes anytime, anywhere, in real time and have complete control of your inventory.

Live tracking of your orders: Track your orders, goods receipts, stock movements and returns in real time. The Quivo Connector provides an up-to-date overview and enables you to react quickly to warehouse activities.

No more over-selling: Thanks to real-time stock tracking, you can be sure that your actual stock is always correctly synchronised with your shop, even if you use multiple sales channels.


Integration with more than 40 shop and ERP systems

The Quivo Connector offers a free, fast, and reliable integration of your existing online shop system, enabling you to immediately benefit from all its advantages - whether Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon FBM, or many others!

Do you have special requirements? Thanks to our open API, the Quivo Connector can also fulfil unique requirements: You decide which information is synchronised from your shop system and therefore have full control over the depth of the integration!

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Custom packaging


Tailored picking & packing

We offer customised packaging where each pack is designed to your specifications to create a distinctive customer experience. You actively shape how your packaging looks to leave a unique wow effect on your customers!

Are you interested in extras such as flyers, stickers, tissue paper, branded packaging or even a bow on the packaging? Do you value carefully folded clothing? No problem - our team will make sure that every detail meets your expectations.

Or as we say: We deliver more than packages.


Same Day Fulfilment

We ensure that every order received before 12 PM is processed the same day, providing a significant advantage for your business and enhancing customer satisfaction!

For certain order volumes, we can also arrange individual cut-off times in collaboration with shipping services!

During peak times and peak seasons, we adapt our processes flexibly to ensure smooth operations. We work closely together to develop forecasts for periods of high demand in order to ensure the highest quality and efficiency even at peak times.

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Same Day Fulfilment


Returns management and ABC classification

Our advanced returns management, including ABC categorisation, leads to an efficient and transparent returns process that greatly increases customer satisfaction.

Live returns management: Manage and monitor the status of returns live in the Quivo Connector to speed up returns processing and refund customers faster.

Photo documentation & evaluation: Every return is documented and evaluated with photos, enabling a fair evaluation. All data is visible and traceable in the Connector at all times.

Customised return processes: Depending on the product type, we offer customised returns processes, including special services such as washing and ironing clothes, or our own tests and quality checks after the return.


Multi-Carrier Check-Out

If you opt for the Stellar Explorer or Fulfilled Legend Package, the Multi-Carrier Check-Out is available to you. You decide yourself or let your customers choose which shipping service provider will take care of the delivery. With the Rising Star Package, a carrier is assigned to you fully automatically

Personalised shipping settings: In the Quivo Connector, you can manually select shipping services and customise your shipping settings based on criteria such as country, weight and shipping method. 

This gives you and your customers full flexibility when choosing the shipping service as well as the shipping options, such as express shipping.

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Explore the advantages of Quivo’s e-commerce fulfilment solution

Tracking & Monitoring

Real-time monitoring in the Connector gives you instant clarity on any fulfilment status, at any time.

40+ unique shop & ERP integrations

Your business, our fulfilment: we integrate existing systems free of charge with the Connector, quickly and reliably. 

State-of-the-art technology & scalable software

Intuitive, cloud-based and synchronised in real-time between all systems and markets.

Bundles & Mapping Function

Bundle Options, mapping and other complex processes belong to the standard repertoire of the connector.

24h order and stock

E-commerce order fulfilment in real time: Automatic synchronisation ensures that not a second is wasted and your stock is always up to date,

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Same-day fulfilment

We ship 100% of orders that arrive on time on the same day.

LOT tracking and expiry date management

Our technology enables meticulous tracking of LOT numbers and expiry dates. You always keep a perfect overview and guarantee your customers only products in top condition.

Customised picking

Your e-commerce fulfilment deserves precision: every package is customised to your wishes - for a unique customer experience.

Organic certified storage

Quality is not an option, it's a standard. Our self-owned organic certified warehouses guarantee responsible storage of your organic products.

Returns overview incl. classification

The returns overview in our Connector offers transparency and provides a targeted basis for decision-making.

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Multi Carrier Check Out

Choose how you want to deliver. Our multi-carrier fulfilment gives you the freedom to choose the best shipping method for you.

Automated customs clearance

With the Connector you no longer need to worry about customs: We automatically take care of all customs formalities.

Real-time tracking

The Connector provides you and your customers with automated real-time tracking to keep you up to date.

Easy transport booking

Book shipments directly in the Quivo Connector and experience 360° logistics without detours.

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Batch and serial number tracking

Track batches and serial numbers seamlessly directly in the Connector, giving you the visibility you need for smooth e-commerce fulfilment.

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Accurate order fulfilment, guaranteed.


Fulfilment Accuracy


Same Day Fulfilment


Next Day Delivery


The Quivo Connector

The Quivo Connector

Your operating system for fully automated logistics. 

It syncs your shop with our warehouse for instant dispatch. Now, effortlessly manage your warehouse inventory with just a few clicks. 

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