We automate the logistics of your Wix online shop so that you can grow unhindered!

We automate the logistics of your Wix online shop so that you can grow unhindered!

  • Seamless WiX interface
  • Free WiX integration
  • Manage everything conveniently in our Connector Web App


Integrate Wix Shop

We quickly connect your online shop to our system.


Import products

Upload your product data directly to the Quivo Connector.


Store and ship

Your products are stored with us and orders are dispatched automatically.

All-in-one Wix Fulfilment


Seamless Wix integration

Wix is an intuitive platform that allows you to easily create and customise your own online shop. Thanks to numerous design templates and flexible customisation options, you can run a professional webshop that perfectly matches your brand.

With the existing Wix interface, you can immediately link your webshop to the Quivo Connector and easily upload your product data.

You can organise your stock in our warehouse and keep an eye on your Wix logistics at all times in our web app.


Efficient Wix fulfilment

Orders are automatically processed, packed and shipped to your customers in our fulfilment centres. Stock levels are continuously updated and tracking data is provided immediately.

Thanks to the Quivo Connector, you always have an overview of your Wix logistics processes.

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At Quivo, we offer you a customised integration of your Wix shop into our fulfilment system.

We understand that your Wix shop is unique and has specific fulfilment requirements. That's why we work closely with you to ensure that the integration is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our ultimate goal is to make your order fulfilment as efficient as possible.


Thanks to the seamless integration of your Wix logistics into our fulfilment system, you can sit back and relax. As soon as customers place an order in your shop, it is automatically forwarded to us. Our dedicated logistics team takes care of picking, packing and reliably shipping your products. This allows you to concentrate fully on growing your business.

Another useful function is the real-time tracking of your stock levels. You receive automatic notifications as soon as a product is running low so that you can order supplies in good time. We do everything we can to ensure that your customers always receive the products they want.

We also offer a variety of shipping options to optimally fulfil your customers' requirements. Whether express shipping for fast orders or cost-effective standard shipping options - we have various solutions on offer.

Returns are also processed by our Wix fulfilment service. In the case of returns, we take care of the entire process in close cooperation with you, including updating your stocks.

Our Wix fulfilment is not only extremely practical, but also cost-efficient. By outsourcing your logistics to us, you save costs for warehousing, personnel and shipping infrastructure. You only pay for the fulfilment services you actually use. What's more, our logistics services are infinitely scalable and adapt to the order situation of your business.


Wix specialist

We look back on a successful collaboration with hundreds of Wix stores.



Optimal Wix interface, easy integration and real-time stock monitoring.


Worldwide logistics

With our international fulfillment network, your Wix store will conquer the world!
Our 8 own warehouse locations guarantee compliance with the highest standards.


Let your store grow

Our innovative software solution creates an environment in which you can grow in a completely flexible and scalable way.

Are you ready to scale?

Take your Wix logistics to a new level.

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